Skegness - The Chase 2020 - Round 4 - Saturday 19th September

FormatHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Grand FinalGrand National
1stEddie Collins (147)Lewis Evans (392)Tom Harris (1)Tom Harris (1)Lewis Evans (392)
2ndPhoebe Wainman (211)Murray Harrison (97)Paul Hines (259)Lewis Evans (392)Tyrone Evans (381)
3rdTyrone Evans (381)Phoebe Wainman (211)Murray Harrison (97)Tyrone Evans (381)Eddie Collins (147)
4thTom Harris (1)Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)Daz Kitson (532)Lee Fairhurst (217)Paul Hines (259)
5thPaul Carter (300)Jake Harrhy (345)Eddie Collins (147)Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)Finn Sargent (526)
6thPaul Hines (259)Finn Sargent (526)Joe Nickolls (242)Eddie Collins (147)Paul Carter (300)
7thLewis Evans (392)Daz Kitson (532)Mark Sargent (326)Paul Hines (259)Phoebe Wainman (211)
8thJohn Thompson (312)Lee Fairhurst (217)Mark Wareham (401)Paul Carter (300)Lee Fairhurst (217)
9thMark Sargent (326)Mark Wareham (401)Hannah Chappell (387)Phoebe Wainman (211)*Tom Harris (1)
10thJoe Nickolls (242)John Thompson (312)James Hunt (479)Casey Englestone (120)Harry Gooding (316)
11thFinn Sargent (526)Casey Englestone (120)Austin Moore (127)Joe Nickolls (242)Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)
12thJake Harrhy (345)Mat Newson (16)NOFFinn Sargent (526)Jake Harrhy (345)
* From lap handicap
^ Joker played

King's Lynn - The Chase 2020 - Round 3 - Saturday 12th September

FormatHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Grand FinalGrand National
1stTom Harris (1)^Russell Cooper (415)^Mark Sargent (326)Craig Finnikin (55)Charlie Sworder (5)
2ndPhoebe Wainman (211)Craig Finnikin (55)Tom Harris (1)Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)Mat Newson (16)
3rdFrankie Wainman Jnr (515)Mat Newson (16)Darren Clark (83)^Mark Sargent (326)*Craig Finnikin (55)
4thWillie Skoyles Jnr (541)Mark Woodhull (335)Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)Lee Fairhurst (217)Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)
5thJoe Nickolls (242)Luke Dennis (192)^Jake Harrhy (345)Mark Woodhull (335)Lee Fairhurst (217)
6thJim Bamford (302)Colin Goodswen (372)Paul Hines (259)Joe Nickolls (242)Mal Brown (34)
7thJohn Dowson (94)Ant Lee (339)Lee Fairhurst (217)Karl Hawkins (175)Sam Makim (93)
8thCraig Finnikin (55)Lee Fairhurst (217)John Dowson (94)Sam Makim (93)Karl Hawkins (175)
9thCharlie Sworder (5)Frankie Wainman Jnr Jnr (555)Frankie Wainman Jnr Jnr (555)Darren Clark (83)^Mark Sargent (326)
10thNeil Scriven (11)Geoff Nickolls (215)Ant Lee (339)Mal Brown (34)Joe Nickolls (242)
11thBarry Russell (560)^Mark Sargent (326)Richard Wilson (502)Luke Dennis (192)Austin Moore (127)
12thNigel Harrhy (45)Neil Scriven (11)Luke Dennis (192)Charlie Sworder (5)Neil Scriven (11)
* From lap handicap
^ Joker played

Skegness - The Chase 2020 - Round 2 - Saturday 29th August

FormatHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Grand FinalGrand National
1st^Lewis Evans (392)^Tyrone Evans (392)^Lewis Evans (392)^Tyrone Evans (381)Luke Davidson (464)
2ndLuke Davidson (464)Jake Harrhy (345)^Tom Harris (1)Luke Davidson (464)^Tom Harris (1)
3rd^Tyrone Evans (381)^Tom Harris (1)Mark Sargent (326)Lee Fairhurst (217)Eddie Collins (147)
4thJake Harrhy (345)Lee Fairhurst (217)Mat Newson (16)Eddie Collins (147)Lee Fairhurst (217)
5thMat Newson (16)Eddie Collins (147)Paul Hines (259)^Martin Spiers (451)Mat Newson (16)
6thJoe Nickolls (242)Luke Davidson (464)Aaron Leach (70)Mat Newson (16)Jake Harrhy (345)
7thTerry Hawkins (275)Terry Hawkins (275)Murray Harrison (97)^Lewis Evans (392)^Lewis Evans (392)
8thMark Sargent (326)John Thompson (312)Finn Sargent (526)Jake Harrhy (345)Micky Randell (172)
9thLee Fairhurst (217)Finn Sargent (526)Jon Horne (19)Micky Randell (172)*^Tyrone Evans (381)
10thPaul Hines (259)Murray Harrison (97)Micky Randell (172)Mark Sargent (326)Adam Bamford (43)
11thMicky Randell (172)Joe Nickolls (242)Paul Carter (300)John Thompson (312)John Thompson (312)
12thDaz Kitson (532)Aaron Leach (70)Richard Wilson (502)Jon Horne (19)Russell Cooper (415)
* From half lap handicap
^ Joker played

King's Lynn - The Chase 2020 - Round 1 - Saturday 22nd August

FormatHeat 1 (Whites & Yellows)Heat 2Heat 3Grand FinalGrand National
1stJake Harrhy (345)Lee Fairhurst (217)Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)Mark Sargent (326)
2ndBarry Russell (560)John Dowson (94)Craig Finnikin (55)Paul Hines (259)Jake Harrhy (345)
3rd^Willie Skoyles Jnr (541)Tom Harris (1)Paul Hines (259)Craig Finnikin (55)Darren Clark (83)
4thRussell Cooper (415)Paul Hines (259)Lee Fairhurst (217)Lee Fairhurst (217)Mark Woodhull (335)
5thWesley Goodwin (357)Mat Newson (16)Paul Prest (491)Mark Woodhull (335)*Frankie Wainman Jnr (515)
6thTerry Pearce (234)Ricky Wilson (502)Austin Moore (127)^Willie Skoyles Jnr (541)^John Dowson (94)
7thKeith Pearce (58)Mark Woodhull (335)Phoebe Wainman (211)Joe Nickolls (242)Paul Hines (259)
8th-Joe Nickolls (242)Mark Woodhull (335)^John Dowson (94)Sam Makim (93)
9th-Sam Makim (93)Joe Nickolls (242)Jim Bamford (302)Lee Fairhurst (217)
10th-James Morris (463)Jim Bamford (302)Jake Harrhy (345)Joe Nickolls (242)
11th-Finn Sargent (526)Darren Clark (83)Mark Sargent (326)Terry Hawkins (275)
12th-Russell Cooper (415)^John Dowson (94)Darren Clark (83)^Willie Skoyles Jnr (541)
* From lap handicap
^ Joker played